Buy a whiteboard

Whiteboards help us strike balances.

Small letters are illegible on a whiteboard – they force you to think and write big. A whiteboard nudges you to extricate yourself from the details and think about the big picture – to strike a balance between the forest and its trees.

Secondly, whiteboards force you to scrawl in free-form. You cannot draw perfect rectangles and circles like you do in your PowerPoint presentation. Nuggets of creativity hide within the messiness and randomness of freehand drawing. A whiteboard helps you balance order with chaos.

Further, whiteboards can be erased. The scrawls, the ideas and the proposals are temporary. This allows us to write ideas down even though we are ready to let them go. A whiteboard helps you balance attachment with detachment.

A whiteboard is one the best gifts we have received. Buy a whiteboard, or better yet, gift one. Your ideas deserve them.

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