The bridge of boredom

I have recently learnt to juggle three balls, but haven’t mastered it yet.

I can perform about 5 throws and catches, without breaking a sweat. After the fifth throw, my mind gets bored. It assumes that it has mastered basic juggling and wanders off, thinking of the next trick I can learn. The moment my mind drifts off, the balls come crashing to the floor.

A wide chasm separates a learner from mastery – one that is bridged by boredom. A mind that is easily bored refuses to cross this bridge and wanders away after the next shiny thing. A disciplined mind musters the will necessary to get to the other side.

In the self-learning era of the internet, one of the biggest values of having a teacher or a learning cohort is to ensure you have the discipline to cross the bridge of boredom.

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