The opposite of deja-vu

Some books change so much with each reading, that you often ask yourself if you’ve really read the book before.

On rereading Animal Farm, I currently have this ‘anti deja-vu’ feeling. Compared to my last reading from 6 years back, I find the book to have much deeper insights on human behaviour.

Why did I miss them earlier?

That very thought stems from an illusion that we have truly understood a book on reading it once. Yet, our ability to learn from a book is limited by our ability to think and reflect upon it. The reason I found the book more insightful after 6 years was because these 6 years have given me a deeper insight into human nature.

We often neglect the role of reflection in learning. In the absence of reflection, there is no learning. The more we learn, the more that learning is reflected back at us.

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