Beware of unearned wisdom

Carl Jung once quipped, ‘Beware of unearned wisdom’.

In the 21st century, we are flooded with unearned wisdom. Books, podcasts, news articles, videos, and not to mention, blogs are built around sharing their creators’ learning to the rest of the world. As somebody who engages with all these sources, I often feel like I am drinking wisdom through a fire-hose.

Yet, unlike knowledge, wisdom cannot merely be received – it must be embodied. If knowledge resides in our brain, wisdom is embedded in one’s bones and one’s being.

One reason I keep this blog going is to connect the wisdom I receive to anecdotes and observations in my own life. It is my feeble attempt to earn some of the copious wisdom that I receive through my own reading, listening and experiences.

Similar to inherited wealth, one must be wary of wisdom that is inherited. It is only wisdom that is earned that counts.

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