The Brain vs. The Mind

We often confuse the brain and the mind, but those two things could not be more different.

Our mind is a mystical entity, infinite in scope and prowess, whose vehicles are intelligence, creativity and consciousness. It is a wild stallion in the Steppe, which sporadically gives us an unexpected glimpse or two of its magnificence. It is these glimpses that creators refer to as the muse, divine inspiration and the like.

The brain is a hunk of flesh that can be trained like a domestic animal. It is a physical entity that is governed by natural laws – if given a stimulus, it will respond in specific ways. If you can train a dog to salivate at the ring of a bell, you can train your brain to step out of the house as soon as you have worn your running shoes.

The mind needs the brain to work its magic. However, the brain is often an obstacle rather than an enabler of the mind. Behind every great mind that is consistently creative is a well trained brain that is kept in its place.

The degree to which you can tame your brain is the degree to which your mind can roam wild and free.

Inspiration: Jerry Seinfeld

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