My placebos

I always draft blogposts on the same empty notepad file. I also use turn on a 30 min stopwatch timer while writing. When that timer is on, my mind knows that a blogpost needs to be drafted.

I always edit my blogposts on the WordPress editor. When the WordPress UI is open, my mind enters the editing state.

Before an important meeting or interview, I also listen to the same song, to enter a zone of high performance. That song is reserved only for these occassions.

I sit down to meditate in a fixed location in the house.

All of these routines are placebos for the acts that are performed in them. They condition my mind to enter a particular state while performing a habit.

Once we have done the difficult job of showing up and doing our best work, we can wrap it in a placebo. It’s free, and it makes our work better.

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