A tip for a less touristy trip

Touristifacation is a bane of modernity. It has turned travel into a commercial and souless activity of consumption.

To escape touristification visit a small non-descript town. The more non-descript, the better. In such towns, you don’t have to dodge tourist traps, since there won’t be any. You will be forced to read menus and make conversation in the local language, or by using somebody for translation. These ‘inconvenient’, but harmless encounters are the very essence of foreign travel.

Further, the locals are much warmer and friendlier than their urban counterparts, given that they aren’t jaded by encounters with unruly tourists. You also get to observe and experience local culture without the homogenization of the big city. If you have dietary restrictions, fret not, for you will suprisingly good restaurant options.

Modernity has turned most large cities into tourist traps. All the same, it has opened up access to small towns where you can still be a traveller rather than a tourist.

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