Good cheer is its own reward

Lots of mundane jobs require interaction with other people – receiving applications for a driving license, drawing blood for a blood test, manning a counter at a supermarket, checking tickets of passengers boarding an aircraft and so on.

You could perform each of those jobs without the slightest bit of cheer – without humour, a friendly remark or even a smile. You would not be penalized for doing that.

Alternatively, you could go beyond the job description and add a layer of cheer on these jobs – read out people’s names while checking the tickets, wish people a great day at the cash register and flash a friendly smile. You would not get paid extra for that extra bit of emotional labour.

Yet, that bit of cheer lifts people’s spirits, improves their mood and puts a smile on their face. Further, this cheer lifts your spirits and brightens your day. It’s a win-win.

Emotional labour isn’t fairly compensated. However, it is also a bargain.

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