Creeping standards

Last evening, I found myself irritated because my laptop’s fingerprint reader wasn’t working. To login, I had to enter my password instead.

I then paused to realize that this frustration mainly stems from having a new work computer. My work computer uses facial recognition for authentication. I only need to look at the camera for a second to login to it. With this convenience added to my life, my standards have crept higher.

I then paused longer to reflect on the days of my first computer, which ran on Windows 98. About twice a year, the operating system would get corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Almost every week, the computer screen would freeze up or turn blue without warning and need to be hard reset. In fact, computers even came with a separate reset button because of how often this needed to be done.

Those difficulties are but a distant memory now. However, my standards have steadily crept higher, with the current watermark being authentication through facial-recognition.

Our tendency to get take higher standards for granted helps us progress and grow. However, the convenience this brings works like a drug – its absence leaves us miserable.

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