It’s a distribution problem

How often have you had a fantastic job application rejected?

While switching careers a few years back, I made a slew of unsuccessful applications. I updated my resume and wrote flowing cover letters that were tailored to the opportunities I sought. In most cases, I never heard back.

Good entrepreneurs know that to succeed in the market, you need both a great product and good distribution. The problem with my job applications is that I had focused too much on product and neglected distribution.

If you have a world-class resume in your field (in the top 10% percentile) but know less than 10 people who are also top 10% performers in your field, you have a distribution problem.

In the job market, you can build good distribution by

  • Networking with a handful of great professionals in your field
  • Creating a portfolio, blogposts, tutorials or videos that showcase your expertise
  • Choosing companies where you’re a good fit and getting to know some people who work there
  • Doing all of this when you aren’t desperate for a job offer

And no – distribution isn’t the same as worming your way into a job through ‘influence’. It is merely a means to ensure that you are seen for the great professional that you are. Preferably not by a person sifting through 10 resumes a minute when their hair is on fire.

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