The hungry goblin inside our heads

When hiking up a steep hill, step-by-step, it can often feel like you are hardly making progress. After an hour though, if you turn back to glance at the point where you started, you are surprised by how high up you have climbed.

Each of our heads comes fitted with a goblin that feeds on our achievements. The more we achieve, the more voracious is its appetite. Despite a lifetime’s worth of achievements, the goblin leaves us feeling like an untrained hiker in the middle of a climb – exhausted, overwhelmed and helpless.

Like looking back down the hill, there is a remedy to the goblin’s machinations. Logging your achievements is a means to keep track of how far you have come. Websites, projects, artwork, journals and portfolios serve to log our accomplishments by giving them form.

Fortunately, the goblin has no access to our logs.

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