Two layers of moodiness

There are two kinds of moods – ones that manifest on the surface and others that run deeper down.

Moods on the surface are how we conventionally know them. When a moody boss sits across you, you never know what to expect. The weather, their choice of breakfast and delays during their commute has a direct bearing on how they show up to work.

Moodiness deeper down is more subtle, but affects most of us. This kind of moodiness digs deeper than emotions on the surface. On certain days we find ourselves in a creative mood and have the most inspired ideas. On other days, we are super productive – striking off a week’s worth of to-dos from our list. But then, there are also the days where ideas aren’t forthcoming and we are prone to procrastination.

If moodiness on the surface affects how we feel, moodiness deeper down affects what we do. To be a professional is bring our best selves to work regardless of the day.

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