Secrets vs. Gifts

Secrets are what you keep hidden, while gifts are what you share freely. But quite often, people confuse the two.

The best way to tell them apart is to see what happens when they are shared with other people. A secret wears off if too many people know it. A gift multiplies.

How a magic trick works is a secret. If too many people know it, a magic trick is boring. Those videos on YouTube that explain magic tricks are actually doing the world a disservice.

Most talents are gifts. If you have perfected the recipe for a risotto, share it freely and people will flock to your restaurant. Chefs know this and that is why they share their recipes.

Gifts prevail over secrets in a world with open access to information. Gift your information to the world and its benefits returns compounded to you. Keep your know-how a secret and somebody else will share it to reap its benefits.

Inspiration: Linchpin

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