Fleeting inspiration

Happiness is perishable. When I achieve something, I am happy for a little while, after which I start thinking about the next big thing to pursue.

Anger is perishable. When I think I have been wronged, my blood boils and indignation surges through it. I feel the overwhelming urge to shoot off a blunt response or send a caustic email. But when I wait a day, that urge disappears.

Wonder is perishable. When I think about tall trees, I often wonder how they transport several liters of water from their roots to their tallest branches. But this does not strike me every time I look at trees. Wonder is fleeting.

Inspiration, just like anger, wonder and happiness, is fleeting. It is a call to action, that fades away when we don’t respond. The person struck by a burst of inspiration is not the same person a few hours later.

Our effectiveness as artists is determined by our freedom to act during moments of inspiration.

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