Embracing asynchronous communication

Whenever you encounter a problem, do you have an urge to call customer support – to speak to somebody right away and get instant feedback or resolution?

Several times though, sending an email with a screenshot could save time for everybody involved. We don’t need to key in our 16-digit credit card number, don’t lose our breath explaining our problem without images and don’t have to listen to digitally butchered classical music while waiting.

Synchronous communication is what feels good to us. We have only known this form of communication face-to-face for the longest time. We are more empathetic and understanding when we speak in person, than when we leave people messages from behind our keyboard.

And yet, asynchronous communication, where we don’t have to all be present at the same time, as with email, text or voice messages, can be a lot more efficient. By not embracing it to the fullest extent, we undermine everybody’s time.

It might often not feel pleasant to resist the impulse to pick up the phone and seek a resolution instantly. But learning to communication out of sync, with efficiency and empathy, is an opportunity for all of us – organizations and individuals alike.

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