The boundaries of freedom

In math class during my school days, I found it fascinating that every line segment, regardless of how small it was, could be divided further into smaller segments.There is abundance even within the most constrained of circumstances.

Tollas Tibor was a prisoner of the Hungarian communist regime in the Visegrád prison in Hungary. His fellow intellectuals devised an ingenious game to occupy their minds during solitary confinement. Firstly, they passed around nominations for a poem to be translated into Hungarian. They communicated using secret signals, and it took months for them to settle on Walt Whitman’s Oh Captain, My Captain. Then, without the aid of paper and pen, they memorized their Hungarian translations and passed them on from cell to cell. A dozen versions of the translation circulated the prison until they finally picked a winner. They then moved on to a poem by Schiller.

Several leaders and political prisoners have spoken about how prison was the most enlightening periods in their lives. Freedom lies not within or without prison walls, but in our ability to create abundance from our circumstances.

Inspiration: Flow – Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi

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