Not weak vs. strong

There is a difference between being strong and not being weak.

Strength is the ability to achieve something – to make things happen. To not be weak is to merely send out a signal.

Some people go to the gym, eat whey protein and build muscles, not to be strong, but to avoid appearing weak.

People burn their savings on mansions and glitzy automobiles to not to appear low-class, since appearing low-class is a form of weakness.

MBAs dons impeccable suits to avoid appearing unprofessional. But wearing a great suit doesn’t turn somebody into a professional. It is merely an advertisement.

Posting one’s ‘best’ moments on social media is done to not appear unhappy, for unhappiness is also a sign of weakness. Yet, doing so doesn’t mean that one is happy.

Strength is intrinsic. The appearance of not being weak is extrinsic. Which of the two are we really seeking?

Inpsiration: Akimbo