Humility vs. humiliation

We often mistake humility to mean low self-regard and a sense of unworthiness.

Humility derived from self-deprecation is merely humiliation that is self-inflicted. But here we see a contradiction. If it is morally wrong to humiliate others, why is it a virtue to humiliate one’s own self?

An alternative definition of humility is to be ‘selfless’. A selfless person is liberated from self-consciousness, which prevents them from feeling either pride or self-depracation. Such humility is embodied in both the innocent and the wise.

To be humble isn’t to humiliate one’s self, but to transcend it.

Intellectual humility

Do not confuse the unintelligble with the unintelligent.

Do not confuse the inexplicable with the nonsensical.

Do not confuse the invisible with the non-existent.

Do not confuse absence of evidence with evidence of absence.

Do not confuse the unprecedented with the impossible.

Do not confuse what has always happened with the inevitable.

Inspiration: Antifragile