Uncomfortable, but safe

Yoga maximises our ability to stretch, while minimizing the risk of injury.

To stretch feels uncomfortable. But this discomfort is beneficial, thanks to this asymmetry of maximising flexibility while minimising the risk of injury.

Antifragility is the combination of high upside with low downside. Antifragile things get stronger when stressors are applied. Much like a body gets stronger under the stress of yogasanas.

Certain forms of discomfort help us grow rapidly. However, with discomfort also comes the risk of failure, injury or crisis. The key is to use the asymmetry – to find situations that help us grow, but are still safe enough to try.

Comfort often comes at the cost of growth. Discomfort isn’t the same as risk.

When and only when

When and only when old muscle fibre is destroyed does a person build strength.

When and only when there is a change in the audience does art get created.

When and only when there is potential for conflict does a leader arise.

When and only when there is a chance for failure can something lend meaning.

When and only when it feels like a struggle can there be growth.

When and only when the status-quo is altered can there be life.