On pause (Blog update)

I have decided to put this blog on pause. The presence of another priority in my life has forced this decision.

After 6 years of writing this blog, this was a difficult decision. Blogging everyday is among the most enriching things I have done in life.

However, it has turned into an entrenched habit, and like any other entrenched habit it is time to put this one to a test. Has my blogging turned into a dead habit? Does it keep me from doing things that are more important? In 6 years, I have forgotten how it feels like to not be writing everyday. What would happen to my writing if I wrote less frequently? How would would it affect the rest of my life?

Thank you for your company on this journey so far. Farewell for now, and you’ll be hearing back from me later.

One thought on “On pause (Blog update)

  1. Hi Anupam,
    I hope your “test” will yield the results that you’re looking for, and that you’ll enjoy this “experiment”.
    As I’ve been reading your blog only since 2021, I’ll use this period to consume some of your older posts, as well 😉


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