Truth and forward motion

The tree hugging hippie might denounce nuclear energy as an evil and dangerous conspiracy to destroy the planet. The oil and gas magnate with a vested interest might agree with her.

A nuclear scientist might point out how nuclear energy has been emperically shown to be the safest and cleanest form of energy thus far, even pointing out how it is far superior to even renewable energy.

Politicians are likely to say what their votebank most fears.

Depending on whom you ask this question, your mileage will vary.  – each of them are backed by a different set of facts.

All of these statements are true. But debating them doesn’t move us forward.

We all agree that we have a climate crisis at hand. We all agree that renewable energy comes with problems of storage and supply fluctuations. We all agree that disposal of nuclear waste poses a problem. It is useful to acknowledge these problems and work towards a common solution.

The pursuit for truth can often lead us to a deadlock. It is more useful to move forward by talking about what we agree upon.

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