Are you a peculiar person?

Can you look at a situation in your own, unique way? Do you foresee problems that nobody else does? Can you think of solutions that nobody else proposes? When the room arrives at a consensus, are you the one who has a concern? When the meeting is done, are you the one with a burning question?

We have been taught to suppress our peculiarity. We have been taught to agree with the majority, to put our heads down and do what we are told to do. We are taught to comply rather than question. All of this is reflected in how the word ‘peculiar’ sounds negative.

But complex problems need peculiar insights, questions and solutions. The more complex a problem is, the more we benefit from divergent thinking. And the problems we solve grow in complexity every single day.

We are all peculiar in ways that can move us forward. Celebrate your peculiarity. The world needs it more than ever.

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