Streak freeze

If you have practiced the guitar for 50 days in a row, it is very likely that you will practice on the 51st day as well.

Maintaining a streak is a great way to sustain a habit. Much like an automobile’s flywheel, a streak ensures that the wheels keep rolling. However, streaks are difficult to build, and all too easy to lose. Even if you miss a single day, a streak of 50 days is broken, and you need to start from scratch. At this point, several people lose motivation and give up.

A ‘streak freeze’ solves this problem. A streak freeze is feature on the language app Duolingo. Duolingo offers 2 streak freezes that sustain your learning streak. A streak freeze protects your streak from disappearing when a tough day keeps you from showing up to practice. Freees are also limited and take time to recharge, thereby ensuring that people don’t abuse them.

A streak freeze is a clever feature designed around a central fact. Habits don’t die if we miss a single day – it is the second, the third and the fourth miss that kill them off.

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