Good drivers, bad guides

A spacecraft is fitted with numerous thrusters for navigation in outer space.

Each thruster, when fired, pushes the direction in a particular direction. By firing them in combination, the spacecraft stays in orbit and out of the path of other spacecrafts or asteroids. If merely one thruster were to dominate, the spacecraft would soon veer off-course.

A spacecraft’s thrusters are magnificent driving forces, but dangerous as guides. Our instincts are similar – they push us to act in certain ways, but each instinct seeks its own fulfillment without concern for what is good for the individual. Therefore, they need to be centrally controlled by a mindful intelligence.

Our thrusters happen to be labelled as anger, passion, greed, ambition, pain, laziness, pleasure, envy etc. Virtue is the ability to harness them to move through the right path.

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