Are the epics real?

Most movies are far removed from reality. But that is entirely the point.

The surest means to ruin the experience of watching any movie is to hold it to a ruthless standard of reality. This is because movies cater foremost to our sense of emotion. And past a point, reason, logic and facts stamp out emotion.

The key to enjoying a good movie is to suspend the gnawing sense of disbelief at its plot and instead contemplate its underlying message.

In a similar vein, we do a disservice to our epics and our myths by questioning their historical accuracy, for they aren’t designed to be historically accurate, but to appeal to our imagination and inspire us into action through their underlying message.

A belief need not be true for it to serve us. Therefore, the more important question to ask of an epic is whether it serves us, rather than if it is true.

2 thoughts on “Are the epics real?

  1. Yes, true. I wish they had taught all those epics & puraanaas a lot more in school/ home. I just know the outline of Ramayan, Mahabharatha & nothing else at all. But there are 1000s of stories & puraanaas & Gods & their stories & I feel ashamed that I know nothing 😭
    Needless to add, so my kids & grandkids know even less 😭😭.
    Blessed are those kids who heard all the stories at their grand parents feet & are knowledgable about Gods, puraanaas, history & glory of our country🙏

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