The anti-list

The world is filled with lists of ‘essential’ stuff you need to buy.

30 essentials you must have a camping trip.

18 essential apps for your Android phone.

The 250 essentials for the perfectly stocked kitchen.

The irony, of course, is that if your list has 250 items, it is no longer essential.

Personally, I am more interested in an anti-list – a list of stuff that people often buy, but you don’t need.

On a camping trip, I can make do without camping chairs since I can sit comfortably on the floor. I also don’t need a sleeping pad or an air-mattress, since I can sleep on the floor.

In the kitchen, I do all my cooking with 1 good chef’s knife. Every other knife goes on my anti-list.

As for Android apps, I don’t need Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp since I don’t use social media (yes – Whatsapp is a social media app).

The longer your anti-list, the more elegant your life.

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