Merely dont screw up

It can be demotivating to see your chess moves analyzed by a computer software.

Every move is evaluated using a score. You start at a score of zero, and if you make the best move throughout, your position’s score remains zero. The moment you make a bad move, your score plunges to a negative number. The best you can do from there on is to keep that negative number constant, but with time, it invariably spirals downwards.

In other words, you aren’t rewarded for a good move, but are brutally punished for every small mistake. Most chess grandmasters usually win by merely not losing. They wait for their opponent to make a small mistake, and like a python, they wrap themselves around that advantage and nurture it slowly to constrict their opponent.

With most things in life, we are so focussed on progress – on making things better – that we forget to check if this progress comes at a grave cost. The key to leading a successful life, as in chess, is to merely not screw up.

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