Choose your questions

Hannibal Barca, the great Carthaginian general, always follwed a signature rule – he never let the enemy pick the site of the battle. If Hannibal ever fought a battle, it would only be at a site of Hannibal’s choosing. That way, the great general would pick a site that gave his army an advantage while dealing the opponent a disadvantage.

Pick the site of the battle, and you automatically choose the battle’s strategy. A similar principle could be applied in debate. The rule here is to never let the opponent choose the question. Every question there is an answer that is planted into it – one that could be to your opponent’s favour. Socrates used this principle to great advantage, often bombarding his verbal opponents with questions to later bend their answers against them.

It might appear honest to provide a straight answer to every question. But in the real world of politics and perception management the key to having the best answers is to carefully choose your questions. Never respond with a straight answer to a question that makes no sense to you.

Inspiration: Antifragile

2 thoughts on “Choose your questions

  1. In here, athimber gives answers, but 2 minutes later, he vehemently denies everything he said & he is soooo loud. He insists “I never said that”.😡
    Must record all arguments & play it back 😜


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