Marketing in action

In a recent trip to Prague, we lunched at an Indian restauarant.

I noticed how the dishes were rather expensive. When our order arrived, I was surprised by how small the servings were. I stated aloud to the table, ‘for the price we were charged, the portions ought to have been larger’.

I then picked up a piece of roti and ate it with the curries we had ordered. No sooner than this morsel of food released its juices into the cavern of my mouth than did it release an explosion of goodness! I soon found myself saying aloud ‘but this food is great quality, and quality has its cost’.

If something is marketed well, we remember how it made us feel. Otherwise, we remember the price we paid for it. In this case, I have already forgotten how much we paid for the meal, even as its goodness still lingers on in my memory.

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