A costly temper

How much is your peace of mind worth?

Whenever you lose your temper over something, you are valuing that something more than your peace of mind.

A colleague showing up 5 min late for a meeting, a restaurant being late with your order, a friend making a joke at your expense. Every angry fit in response to such transgressions is a decision to prioritize them over your own peace of mind.

A person with a low temper is also one who places a very small cost on their peace of mind.

However, we are all united in our ultimate goal – to seek a state of happiness and well-being. We also know that mental peace is the foremost condition for such a state. Every person, even angry ones, are striving their hardest to be at peace.

Placing a high value on your temper is the prerequisite for your happiness. There are very few things more valuable than your peace of mind.

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