Where are the empty pages?

In my company, we have an hour-long all-hands meeting scheduled every Friday. At this meeting, information that is relevant to the entire firm is communicated.

On some Fridays, this meeting lasts an entire hour, with a full agenda. On most Fridays, however, the meeting is much shorter. When the agenda items for that week are finished, the meeting ends. Therefore, the duration of the meeting can be anywhere between 10 min and 60 min.

Broadly, this is how daily news is supposed to work. Some days are action packed, with several events worthy of our time and attention. On most days, however, nothing newsworthy happens. Given this reality, how is it that newspapers have a fixed length? How is it that on uneventful days, they aren’t shorter?

Where are the empty pages? What are they filled up with instead? Is reading the ‘fillers’ the best use of our time?

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