When things don’t go as expected

This is often seen as reason to shake one’s head and rant to anybody who’d care to listen. Conditions are perfect to pontificate on whatever is wrong with the world. It is, perhaps, apt to draw parallels and mull about how one is right to feel frustrated, angry or sad at the unfortunate outcome.

Alternatively, when things don’t go as expected, there is often a hidden opportunity. What we expect reveals our implicit assumptions on how the world works. If those expectations aren’t met, there is potential for understanding the world better. Every unmet expectation is a brand new chance to peel off another layer of the world and discover it anew.

When things don’t go as expected, you meet a fork in the road. One is paved with anger, outrage and frustration. The other is paved with curiosity, wonder and humility. But as forks in roads go, you can only commit to taking the one or the other.

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