What should I do today?

I have the entire day to myself.

I could go shopping, cook myself a nice meal and eat it while watching a movie. Afterwards, I could curl up in bed for a nice nap.

But it’s bright and sunny outside – a great day for walking to the new restaurant in the neighbourhood and lounging in the park with a book. Or maybe, going for a run.

What about my side-project? My website could certainly use a few hours of tinkering. My guitar could use some new strings and some strumming.

I could also finally get rid of all the clutter around the house, sort out the paper slips on my table and defrost the refrigerator.

How about I stock up on provisions and meal-prep, so that I free up my evenings for an entire week? Or how about I pay my friend a spontaneous visit?

There is so much possibility in an empty day. But this is also a curse. To choose one set of things is to reject all the others. And the list of things you reject is invariably larger, and often more tempting than what you actually do.

The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a dark cloud that looms over a prosperous life. The best antidote to FOMO is commitment.

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