A 21st century superpower

Our world is changing so fast, that even with a year of professional experience, it is possible to turn into an expert within a narrow area. Therefore, every professional has something valuable to contribute their community of peers by merely sharing their work.

Why should we share our work?

  • It is easier than ever. The internet has made it so.
  • There is plenty of demand. That problem you have spent a year solving is one that several others are currently struggling with.
  • It builds your reputation. Job offers find you, rather than the other way around. And you no longer need a flimsy piece of paper to represent you.
  • You get more than you give. Your contributions attract feedback and alternatives that are often better.

Most importantly, any professional skill that we build today is based on the work of several others who went before us. To contribute to that professional community is your means to give back.

How can you give back? Through articles, presentations, portfolios, open-source contributions, wikipedia edits, mentoring. The opportunities are endless.

Contributing to your professional community is a 21st century superpower that is vastly undervalued.

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