The truth is durable

Truth doesn’t spread quickly. Rumours do.

Ergo, we find ourselves constantly surrounded by rumours that spread like an epidemic. Sure, there is a grain of truth in this rumours, but it comes with a background noise of falsehood.

Truth doesn’t die quickly. Rumours do.

As time passes, falsehood fades away, leaving behind the kernel of truth. A monthly magazine article on a topic is likely to be more accurate than a daily newspaper report. A historical piece on an event from the last decade is truer still.The longer a piece of literature has survived, the truer it is likely to be. However, it takes several decades for certain falsehoods to lose their grip. Patience is key. 

What was news yesterday is not likely to be news today. What we know to be true from a thousand years in the past is likely to stay true a thousand years from now.

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