What will you discard?

We organize books in a bookshelf to store them efficiently. But ultimately, we are going to run out of space on the shelf. When that happens, we stack books on top of each other or behind each other. Slowly, the bookshelf turns unusable.

This is analogous to how we manage our time. When we are busy, we plan and optimize. We box our committments into neat little time-slots on our calendar. We then maximize the efficiency of each task – through automation, economy, or by delegating them. When that isn’t enough, we resort to stacking tasks upon each other – a.k.a multi-tasking.

The best remedy for a full bookshelf is to give away some of your books. The best remedy to a busy schedule is to give up some of what what you’re already doing.

2 thoughts on “What will you discard?

  1. Believe it or not, sleeping peacefully is what generations to come will find it most difficult to do. You are perhaps the last generation that still has that sanctuary 🙂


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