Tell me why, when I am five

Say you are raising a child who is 5 years old.

You make most of the decisions for this child. Oftentimes, the child doesn’t understand them. Why can she not play with you when you are on a work call? Why can she snack on an apple, but not a doughnut?

Try explaining the following concepts to the child:

– Time

– Money

– Companies

– Nutrition

– Countries

Even though we take these concepts for granted, it is diffcult to explain them to a child. Our decisions on behalf of the child are influenced by all these concepts. The more we decide for children without explanations, the more they will shy away from seeking out explanations.

As a parent, you can take the easy way out by brushing these questions aside. But perhaps we aren’t able to explain our decisions to a child intelligent enough to understand them because we haven’t understood them ourselves.

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