Stress isn’t the problem

We all deliberately engage in stressful activity. Most of us even end up enjoying it.

To exercise is to put our mind and body under stress. Solving a puzzle also stresses us. Engaging in pretty much any creative pursuit is stressful. Yet, we enjoy those things. We don’t lose sleep over them. Instead, they help us sleep better.

However, there is a crucial difference between healthy exercise and unhealthy stress. When we are done exercising, we are no longer panting, sweating and lifting weights. We rest and let our muscles recover. When we are dealing with a problem that burns us out, we are unable to put it down even when we are on vacation. Like a weight in tow, it follows us around wherever we go.

Our problems do not arise from exercising with a dumbell. Our problems arise from our inability to put that dumbell down once we are done working out.

Inspiration: Sam Harris

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