The anti-venom to digital tech

A snake’s venom is a key ingredient for creating its anti-venom.

We hear a lot about the evils of digital technology. But within every form of digital technology also lies the power to combat it.

Cookies and trackers can invade our privacy and flood us with an ad for a product we looked up in passing. Yet, today’s browsers have tools to block cookies and trackers. They also come with extensions that can block ads by using the same technological means through which these ads are served.

A service like Youtube is engineered to keep people hooked on the platform. It does this by using a serving tempting videos on its homescreen, its suggestion bar and by auto-playing the next video. Yet, there exists a wonderful browser extension that can turn these features off to reduce the entire platform to a solitary search bar.

Managing passwords on the internet is a major pain. Given how difficult it is to remember different passwords, most people end up reusing the same password across platforms, which leaves them vulnerable to be hacked on all platforms if one of those passwords are compromised. Yet, we have password management software today that liberates you from having to remember a single password.

Most good digital technology today is based on standards that are open. While digital tech still has its fair share of problems, its open design ensures that as its users, we always have a means to fight back.

The anti-venom for most of our digital problems is only one internet search away.

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