Where’s the empty space?

Before you go shopping for a new wardrobe of clothes, it helps to clear out your old clothes to make room for the new stuff.

It is tempting to start new projects, learn new skills, and build new habits. The internet makes it easier and more tempting to do all of those things.

On the flipside, there is hardly a minute where we are bored these days. The internet its digital gadgets have also filled up all our free time like a wardrobe packed with clothes.  Sure, some of those clothes might need discarding, but right now they take up most of the free time we have available.

Adding new time commitments without clearing out the old ones sets us up for distraction, procrastination, and is the recipe for a failed project. The harder the project we take on, the more likely it is to fail.

It is paramount to make space on our schedules before we start a new project, for it to be likely to succeed.

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