An image of the mind

Programmers can tell a lot about how a person thinks by looking at their code.

A piece of code is a reflection of the mind. It is akin to a blueprint for a house. When you look at a blueprint, you can instantly tell if the house has been designed well. If you notice, for instance, that the shower is located inside the kitchen, you’ll instantly know that something is amiss. Programmers can interpret computer code in similar terms.

More broadly, the same principle applies to writing. You can read a piece of writing and tell if the author’s thinking on the topic is clear. Readable text that is logical and flows freely is a reflection of clear thinking. If you have to read and reread a paragraph to understand its meaning, the author’s confusion has been transmitted to your mind via their writing.

Writing is a great way to organize your thinking, because when you write, you are forced to spill out all the contents of your mind – confusion and all- on paper. By reorganizing the words on paper, you are also reorganizing your thoughts on the topic to make them coherent, cogent and clear.

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