When was the last time?

As a bachelor in Hyderabad, I enjoyed going on long cycling rides. Every weekend, I used to ride about 80-100 kilometers across the green outskirts of my city along with a jolly bunch of fellow riders.

It has been more than 6 years since my last ride in Hyderabad. Ever since, I haven’t gone on a single such cycle ride. Yet, if you had told me after that ride that I would go 6 years without doing something like this, I would not have believed you.

When was the last time

  • you attended a concert?
  • played a team sport you really enjoy?
  • went for a walk just to go for a walk?
  • reread a book you always meant to read again?
  • went on a trek?
  • studied a course?

We have already had some of our best experiences for the last time, although we failed to realize this when we go through them. Understanding how scarce our best experiences are helps us savour them in the moments we are having them.

Inspiration: Sam Harris

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