I am just one person

How much power do you have over your fellow human beings?

Have you had a family member who has changed the course of your life? Have you had a friend who has intervened in a time of crisis?

Have you had a teacher, a boss, or a colleague, who inspired you to transform as a person?

Have you had a waiter at a restaurant or a security guard made you smile and filled you with warmth in the tiny interaction they have had with you?

Everyday, we are on the other side of all those equations. As family, friends, colleagues, bosses and customers, we all have tremendous power over the people we interact with. What’s more? This is just as true for the investment banker, as it is for the social worker. It is just as true for the CEO of a company as it is for its janitor.

Philanthropy is far more accessible than we think it is. It is available to each one of us, in every moment. Once we realize this, how are we going to show up in ways that we can be proud of?

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