Have you become the person you wanted to be?

We often ask ourselves and other people this question. Let us pause and break it down.

Asking this question is analogous to asking a traveller, ‘have you arrived at your destination?’. When we ask this question, we think of our identity as being a destination to arrive at.

When I accomplish _________, I will have arrived.

However, as long as we are alive, we humans are always striving to grow, explore and learn new things. Our natural state of being is to live a life that is dynamic – one where we are in flux. On the contrary, arriving somewhere is static. Once you have arrived, there is nowhere else to go.

To be human is to continue to journey as long as we live. Throughout our lives, we are continually in a state of ‘becoming’. Our life’s goal is an active verb – not a static destination. We only arrive when we finally die.

Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think that they’re finished. – Daniel Gilbert

Inspiration: Maria Popova

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