The reverse interview

An interview is a test administered by the employer to ascertain if a candidate is suited to work within their organization.

Most questions in an interview are asked by the employer. Most of the evaluation is done by the employer. After multiple rounds, the candidate is presented an offer and merely asked to make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision.

Yet, this system is riddled with imperfections. At best, interviews only result in accurate hiring decisions about 1 in 10 times. More often than not, great candidates are rejected, and bad candidates are accepted.

What if we have at least one round of interview, where the candidate interviews the employer?

What if, in this round, the candidate states what is important to them in their workplace, and asks the employer hard questions around them? Ideally, this ‘reverse interview’ ought to happen between the candidate and the boss or the team they will work with.

At the end of a hiring decision, it is crucial that both a candidate and an employer are convinced of its merit. Why don’t we redesign our interview processes to reflect this two-way relationship?

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