Busting search engine myths

Myth 1 – Google is way better than other search engines out there.

Several detailed analyses online (one among them here) show that Bing is almost on par with Google with the quality of search results. Even though Google has cornered 85% of the market share for online search, the rift in quality is definitely not as big as the difference in market share.

Myth 2 – Duck Duck Go and Ecosia are far inferior to Google

What most people don’t realize is that smaller search engines such as Duck Duck Go and Ecosia use search results from Bing. Therefore, they are comparable to Google in terms of search quality.

What is undeniable fact is that the presence of search engines like Bing, Duck Duck Go and Ecosia are good for the world. They prevent Google from being the only search option available to the public. Besides, they have desirable side effects – Duck Duck Go fiercely protects your privacy, while Ecosia is a non-profit that redirects its ad revenue to planting trees.

For the last year or so, I have used both Duck Duck Go and Ecosia as default search engines on my browser. They have perfectly served my search needs, and I know that using them makes the world a little better off.

Inspiration: The Think About Search – Akimbo

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