3 reasons for hope

Ten years ago, we had assumed that renewable energy will be far more expensive than fossil fuel based sources. Today, solar and wind energy are several times more inexpensive than coal.

Ten years ago, we had assumed that countries such as India and China would continue burning coal at increasing rates. Today, we know that coal consumption in these countries has tapered off and will decline soon.

Ten years ago, we had assumed that developing countries had to choose between economic growth and reducing their carbon footprint. Today, several countries have established that these two factors can go hand-in-hand.

We still have plenty of reasons to feel hopeless in the face of the biggest challenge that faces humanity. Yet, we have overcome some of those reasons from 10 years ago.

The key to deal with a seemingly hopeless situation is to find tiny glimmers of hope and to amplify them.

Inspiration and source: We WILL fix Climate Change!

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