Strings attached

For several months, I did not pick up my acoustic guitar to play.

If you asked me why, I would have told you how playing the guitar was low on my list of priorities. I had new skills to master and tonnes of work to do. However, deep down, I know that I also waste time on several other distractions, and on some of those instances, I wish I had rather played the guitar.

Last weekend, I noticed that my guitar’s strings were still good, but rather faded and somewhat rusty. So I restrung the guitar on impulse. I then played the newly strung guitar for nearly an hour. To my surprise, it sounded like a different instrument. It was easier to hold, and sounded better. I also noticed that it was great fun to pick it up and strumming a few chords – more fun than I had expected it to. I have played the guitar often this week, and I now look forward to the next time I will pick it up.

When we aren’t already doing what we wish we did, it is often for reasons that we are not consciously aware of. Sometimes, all you need is a new set of strings.

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