Novelty by obscurity

A cliché is a story that we have heard too often – so often that we are no longer receptive to it.

We always need new stories to inspire the change we wish to make. But where do we find a new story that echoes the particular message that we wish to deliver?

Well, let me tell you the fascinating story of how Hawaii was discovered. It is a marvel, given how Hawaii is a remote group of islands in the midst of the vast Pacific, that it was discovered as far back as 1000 AD. Polynesians in Tahiti noticed how Northern plovers often migrated North from their island. On watching the birds fly, they guessed that there must be land far to the North.

The bold seafarers set out in canoes and paddled hard, following the birds on their migratory routes. They often navigated a portion of the sea before they returned to their island. After 400 years of patient trial-and-error, they finally discovered the Hawaiian islands and settled them.

As I wrote this post, I merely googled ‘Hawaiian story about perseverance’. Of course, one needs to fact check and polish this story, but you now have a clue on a treasure hunt for a perfect story that fits your message.

An old story that we haven’t heard of is a new story. The internet has now put infinite old stories at our fingertips.

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