The value of planning

In crowded Indian eateries, as you finish your meal, you often have people standing beside you to take your place. Their presence often prevents you from enjoying your meal, as you hustle and make way for them.

When you have one thing to do on a particular day, you can bring all your focus and attention to doing it. Yet, most of our days are crowded, with at least 10 different things vying for our time and attention. When we set out to do the first thing, the other nine things hover around, demanding their place.

Effective planning solves this problem. Like a host at a restaurant, each of those tasks is seated at a different slot on your calendar. Doing so liberates you to focus on whatever you are doing right now.

It is important to plan well and follow through on those plans. If not, it won’t be long before all those tasks are crowded around your table again.

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